Thursday, October 26, 2006

sense & sensibility - or the lack thereof


Oh, finally.

Huge sigh of relief. A good run yesterday and a solid practice this morning. Hot tea goes a long way towards keeping my eyes open and my brain focused.

I’ve been off-kilter since last Friday night, the bacchanalia of too much wine and not enough temperance. By temperance, I mean not so much sobriety as keeping a rein on my tongue. Sitting on the hill venting to Kiki is one thing – ranting incessantly to my camping companions is just obnoxious.

I’m a little sad about LEAF this time around. I think most people need a blow out now and again, in one form or another. But mine flushed my Saturday down the toilet just trying to recover. Mine kept me from really enjoying the precious adult company at the campsite. Mine kept me from attending even one of the ten or twelve healing arts workshops that had looked particularly interesting. Mine kinda threw my serenity off-kilter for a few days, until this morning.

I hadn’t realized how important my mostly-daily practice has become. It’s not necessarily the physical aspects, although I will admit to some happiness that I managed to stay on one foot during the balance – for a few breaths, anyway.

It’s about calmness. “Practicing calmness in the midst of a difficult situation.” (Yeah, Kest again, I know, it’s old.)

I get out of practice more quickly than I thought.

So, asks the inner voice this morning, distracting me from a long and boring downward dog, was it worth it? The blow out? The temporary indulgence in your favorite vices?

Well, no. I really don’t think it was. Maybe next time I can show some sense.


“There’s not one way to do a pose. There are six billion different ways to do a pose.” ~BK

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