Friday, January 19, 2007

dashing off

Late-night practice yesterday – I said ok, 15 minutes minimum, went for 40 or so. Loooong deep seated fwd bend, heavenly savasana. Nice. Don’t know how the hell I’m gonna fit one in today – will be picking Duckie and her best friend D up this afternoon – I leave in about an hour. Running errands, keeping the peace, packing for Charlotte, I don’t know. Might have to fit in 15 minutes before I leave and 15 minutes once I get there – which may be a good way to bookend a two-hour drive.

Er… too much to say, too much to say, too much to say… what song is that from – Dave Matthews Band, something?

Do I have time to – well, maybe, ok, I can get this done, then run the backup, then do the certs, then maybe I’ll take a minute to fax –


I’m sorry, am I babbling?

Anyway. Gotta run. Have a great weekend. Enjoy your snow, if you get any.

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James said...

Yeah that's Dave Matthews. Glad that your keeping up with yoga when you can. I know how important spiritual exercise is for us unstable types lol. Meditation is like a medicine for me.

In regards to your latest comment on my blog: Which blog did they block? My naughty one or am I missing the boat altogether?? Wouldn't be the first time with my brain lol.