Monday, October 30, 2006

Ick. Argh.


That was this weekend.

Er… it wasn’t all bad, really. Except I fell off the sugar wagon again. Hit hard, too. And I am apparently a huge sucker for cornbread. Freaking carbs get me every time.

Significant weight gain over the last two weeks. Could it have something to do with the sugar issue – and the two pounds of cornbread yesterday? See, it’s not the garden-variety cornbread-from-a-box – it’s homemade. I made the mistake of using half and half instead of milk. And oh but Brian’s chili was perfect.

We went to the fiber fair as planned. Some evil people made teddy bears out of alpaca and angora. As H said, “I really needed a private moment.” We saw llamas, alpaca, goats, sheep and angora rabbits. Our shoes smelled like a petting zoo. It was fun.

I stumbled onto a new favorite pastry recipe. It’s the basic extra-flaky crust in Pie, doubled, with a cup of whole wheat flour replacing a cup of the white. Easier to handle, nice flaky texture, with a fascinating crunchy body to it. I’m thinking it will make a fabulous pumpkin pie here in the next few weeks.

This weekend I used it for a savory chicken pot pie. It was a little sweet for my taste, but that may be because I’m sensitive to it these days. Also I think the whole wheat brought out the flavor of the wee bit of sugar that the recipe called for. I’ll have to experiment next time with a touch of garlic powder and maybe some finely crushed basil in the crust. Would make a nice quiche base, doncha think? I’ll report on that later.

Managed to get up this morning and dye the little shirt and tights Duckie will be wearing tomorrow under her mermaid costume (which is falling apart already.) Wretched results. When you try to tie-dye and it still ends up looking like shit, there’s evidently something wrong with your process. I just hope she doesn’t look ridiculous tomorrow. Either way, she’ll be cute, and warm. We’ll just pin up the tights if the dye job killed the elastic.

We’re overrun with ladybugs. I just tried to swallow one – it apparently flew into my coffee earlier this morning.

Yeah, I did some yoga this morning. Nothing to write home about. Distracted the whole time, thinking about other things, kinda resenting doing it instead of being in bed.

I’ll run this afternoon.

Weekend reports, anyone?



SB Gypsy said...

Hey Andi!

There's gotta be a word for "busy busy busy busy busy, but not doing anything important or interesting"

I got the vacuming done, and cleaned the wood floors. I have nasty allergies, and we are slowly stripping out all the wall to wall carpet, and refinishing the oak floors under them. We have two bedrooms, the hallway, and the living room yet to do. Then all the trim. I can't wait, all that beautiful golden oak...

andi said...

wood floors... *drool*

this year it's repainting the interior of the house. next year (maybe) we'll worry about the floors.)

sounds lovely, though - i do hope you'll post pictures!