Thursday, October 19, 2006

a general malaise of ovulation and anticipation…


…which would probably be somewhat alleviated by an attempt to be in the present moment, instead of trying to live 48 hours ahead.

No practice this morning – not even an abbreviated one. Brian slept on the sofa last night – not because he was in the doghouse (although I kinda wanted him to be) – but because the house was really hot and Duckie was being a pain in the ass. I was too groggy to take her back to her own bed; she refused to let me take off her dress-up dress and change her diaper, so she squirmed and hollered all night. I was up at 4 – really, I was, and I had everything prepped – but I didn’t want to wake up Brian, who seemed to finally get some peace and quiet.

I s’pose I’ll walk this afternoon. Brought the shoes, at least. I’d like to get a long practice in tomorrow morning, but grandparents are coming in tonight and I don’t want to bother them at 4 in the morning, either.

Speaking of, I ran the lake a couple of times yesterday afternoon and my knees really didn’t hurt too badly afterwards. I was relieved, and hopeful.

The rest of the night was pretty sucky. A trip to the Big Box Store, wherein Brian felt it was OK to browse and take his time, and Duckie and I were more than ready to get the hell home. More cleaning, Duckie pissed because we weren’t spending as much time with her as usual. Me tired and cranky too. Late, late night for everyone.

But hey, the book I’d been waiting for at the library has come in, and it should last me through the weekend. So far it looks pretty good, too. There will be wine, chocolate, and Starbucks Double-Shots, otherwise known as crack-in-a-can. There will be Carrington, my friend from Charlotte. There will be music, dancing, a drum circle perhaps, Yungchen Llamo, yoga, and possibly a reiki workshop.

There will be darkness; it's a new moon this weekend. Navigating the sea of tents on the hill ought to be interesting.

There will be cold weather. It’s expected to be in the 40s at night. I’m glad we got another heater. I’ll have to dress prepared for cold weather – even for the walk back to camp after I park the car. (It’s a hike.) I learned from the last cold LEAF that as long as you kinda anticipate the temperature drops and add layers before you think you need them, the cold isn’t so bad. But then there’s needing to pee in the mornings (as I believe I’ve mentioned before, about six months ago.)

I’m beginning to understand the value of chamber pots. And I’ll be sure not to drink out of Brian’s Gatorade bottle in the middle of the night. One never quite knows what’s in it.


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