Tuesday, May 23, 2006

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Thursday: Stuck in traffic on the Saluda grade going toward Columbia. Duckie not pleased that she couldn't get out. Blessing in diguise: World Cafe was doing a segment with Bela Fleck and the Flecktones about their year off and the new album, Hidden Land. Where have I been all these years? These guys blew me away on so many levels. Stunning virtuosity, fantastic jamming, inventive fusion of so many genres I quickly lost track because I really didn't care. Sat there in the car with my jaw open, drooling with anticipation of getting my ears around the album.

Heard a sample of a local band, Fifth House - unfortunately missed their part on local color Friday night, but they definitely look promising. One of the guys helped us record a bit of stuff last year but didn't have time to do more because of his committment to Fifth House. Will have to catch them live. Ooo - and look at that, there's a little free festival in Brevard with not only Fifth House playing Sunday, but the Steep Canyon Rangers on Saturday night! Yee-hah, got something to do Saturday and Sunday. *sigh of relief* The last thing I want to be is stuck at home with a wide-open preschooler all weekend.

Speaking of live shows, Coz and I went to the Afromotive show at the Orange Peel last Saturday. The concept is fascinating - West African meets funk/blues. Keyboard guy looked like a young Keith Richards (imagine that) but channeled Ray Manzarek. Cool. But not consistent enough to get me dancing. You gotta trust a band not to let you down. They've got potential, but the horns need to be more comfortable with improvisation, and the whole band needs some time to coalesce. Will maybe try them again in a couple of years, if they're together that long.

My brain kept trying to turn them into Gran Torino. Had to admit yesterday that I'm still stuck on those guys. Googled them to see if there was any buzz on them getting back together, but I got sent to another site for a British band of the same name. Just heartbreaking to see that there are only a few articles left about GT - my One and Only.

I have so many strong associations with GT - when Brian and I first started dating, I had become something of a GT groupie - I've lost track of how many times I've seen them live. Yes, I was the "freaker on the speaker" - you know, that hippie chick dancing right in front of the amps. Couldn't help myself. GT got me dancing again after years of being out of touch with my groove. Saw GT for the last time (*sniff*) not two weeks before getting pregnant with Duckie. So their breakup marks the end of my pre-parental existence. And part of me still misses it. I 'spose it's better to admit it openly than to eat my heart out over breakfast every day.

So I had to take them off the cube temporarily yesterday. Just couldn't take it anymore. Was like breaking up with the love of your life, only to keep finding things in your apartment that remind you of them. At some point you've just got to let go.

Well, it ain't hap'nin this week. You might be able to get their CDs, so if you like 70s funk amped up with full-throttle horns, I highly recommend them.

The One And Only

There's a live CD, too, but I haven't heard it yet, although Brian has a bootleg.

Updated the cube with Blues Traveler and very much enjoying the new music - well, new to me, anyway. It's been a long time since I've been open to new musical experiences, but hearing Bela Fleck and the Flecktones for the first time kinda unplugged my ears.

They're also playing at the Orange Peel soon. I'm trying to justify it. Would have to find child care and scramble together the money - but then there's saving up for the Bryan Kest power yoga workshop in September (he's coming to Asheville). So conflicted, me. So torn, my bank account.

Bleh. This was supposed to be a short post. Must turn up music.

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