Tuesday, May 16, 2006

from the rude pundit

ok so i really do try most times to curb my tongue, even here, which is my own little corner of blogtopia (YSKTP.) and really who am i kidding - me, have a corner office? *snort* as if.

ANYWAY. i check in with his Rudeness regularly - sometimes i kinda cringe 'cause i really can't stomach his terribly venal analogies and metaphors that border on vomitrocious (partially because they're so appropriate and spot-on). but occasionally the Pundit makes me literally fall over laughing. this afternoon, after picking myself up off the floor, i thought i'd share my favorite bits from his latest, about bush's latest prime-time primadonna appearance. (which, i am grateful to say, did not pre-empt House.) because this guy goes where i do not even dare to go. well hell, someone's got to do it.

As ever in a Bush speech, there was the weirdo, scary science fiction-y proposal. This time it was the use of "biometric technology" to track legal immgrants: "A key part of that system should be a new identification card for every legal foreign worker. This card should use biometric technology, such as digital fingerprints, to make it tamper-proof." Even easier, of course, would be snapping an ear tag on 'em.

It was a fairly useless speech, since the proudly nutzoid House Republicans (motto: "Look at our big piles of shit! Look at them!") aren't gonna budge, and Bill Frist is just a punk-ass little bitch on everything. And, ultimately, all Bush did was promise to move his toy soldiers some more, cross his fingers, and hope for the best.

*Sigh* He just gets better with time. Try Googling "President Fluffy Fucker" sometime and see if you don't choke on your coffee.


James said...

(motto: "Look at our big piles of shit! Look at them!")

Hilarious!! It's going to take a biiiig shovel to come along and pick up after these stinkin' elephants.

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