Friday, January 06, 2006

friday, unmotivated and snarky

yeah, ok. big surprise. i'm feeling a tad rebellious at the moment - we got the periodic "look busy" speech this morning and i was almost amused watching my boss (who does as much chatting as anyone else does, and mostly with me) shoot uncomfortable glances my way.

so, ok, i'll wait until first break to make my freakin' oatmeal. ok, i'll wait 'til ten, twelve and two to make personal phone calls. ok, i'll stop harassing rb in the front office, even though she's great to talk to and more often than not helps me get my head straight so I can work. no problem.

but see, now i want to blog every day just to make sure i'm wasting the appropriate amount of company time. even if i don't have anything to say. ah well, i suppose i can content myself with trivia - i do it all the time at home anyway.

hey did y'all hear jon stewart will be hosting this year's oscars? of course, when i heard this they hadn't made the official announcement, so i shouldn't report it as news until i get it verified. good thing this isn't critical information, like whether people are alive or dead.

am still loving my cube. yeah, i suppose i'm spending more time arranging my music collection than appropriate, but you know a little mozart goes a long way towards making calibration data entry slightly less excruciating. reconciling the data with umpteen-hundred reports, however, still sucks ass.

have been here since 6, which gives me three more hours to process complaints, certifications and update the quality system. i suppose i'd better set the calibration clusterf^ck aside for now - it's pretty much blowing my mind anyway.

hope y'all have a wonderful weekend. oh and hey, enjoy these lovely pictures from SB_Gypsy. She's gotten lots of fantastic shots this season of ice and fog, and now snow... god i miss it.

crap. did i say that out loud? someone gag me before the weather gods dump ten inches on us and collapse the roof of our chickenshack.


oldwhitelady said...

Sounds like you get plenty done. As for talking to co-workers, it's called "net-working". If it helps to get thoughts straightened, it should be fine. My office does some talking, I'm not saying how much, but some of it does have to do with work... and how can an employee do a good job if she/he's not happy. That music must be organized!

SB Gypsy said...

Does Blogging count as networking?? if so, I'm all for doing it at work. My boss doesn't think so, however. I need to limit it to lunchtime, which makes it a very small window of opportunity. Thanks for the mention and link, I'm so flattered! (Oh, I do love it when I'm noticed!) :=)

I think that getting 'faced is in the wind right now, my daughter and I and my sister got pretty silly the other day, with a bottle of wine (or two).