Thursday, November 17, 2005

an etiquette request

i love my cell phone. at this point i really don't even give much of a shit about brain cancer. something else will probably kill me first - like some idiot in an SUV on icy roads, talking on his or her cell phone and blowing through a stop sign to nail me and my pathetic excuse for a vehicle to a very large tree.

yes, indeedy, i love my cell phone, and it's pretty cool that many of the important people in my life have them, too. some of us have even told ma bell to take a flying leap, and have made the switch to mobile 100%.

but i do have a favor to ask. those of you with cell phones take note. if i call you and you're in the middle of a conversation with someone else (even if that person is taking your order on the other side of a drive-through choke-and-puke), tell me you'll call me back, or else don't pick up the phone at all. it's not like you don't know who called.

whatever you do, do NOT under any circumstances subject me to your other conversation, bank transaction, or drive-through order, especially if you can't figure out what the hell you want. please do not test my patience and waste my minutes in this thoughtless way. i will be sure to hang up on you to maintain my blood pressure at a healthy level, and to keep from using up any more freaking minutes on your deep-fried dinner.

this is a humble request - and probably won't get to the person i really need to tell it to, but what the hell. i've ranted, i'm done.

strangely enough, i do feel better!

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The Fat Lady Sings said...

I have a friend who does exactly that. And it gets worse. Not only does he keep the cell line open for short conversations, transactions, etc; he attempts to manage conversations with two people at the same time! If he is visiting me, and the phone rings, he answers it, and has a long, full conversation with whoever is on the line, while throwing a word or two in my direction. The same goes for anyone on the phone with him. Someone enters the room, and here we go with both conversations.

The upshot is, both people end up getting short shrift. It is annoying as hell, to boot. This guy will even call me when he is driving to or from some appointment, and abruptly end the conversation as soon as he reaches his destination. I have spoken to him about this, and he still doesn't get it. So, I am with you on this. Talk about pissing me off! I have started just hanging up, if it's me on the phone, or asking him to turn off his cell if we are visiting. No one needs to be that connected!