Wednesday, November 17, 2004

An Even Quicker Note Than Last Week's...

I have some thoughts I'd like to share (big surprise, right?) but no time to do it!!!

Just wanted to let everyone know that things are humming along. I have a night out scheduled for this evening (thanks, husband!) and a family day at the park hopefully to happen on Saturday.

Too much going on at work to go into - Sam is still feeling lousy, so please send her get-well thoughts. I'm sending her miso soup - or some version of it, anyway.

Turkey is on sale so I'm planning an early thanksgiving day meal for Sunday evening. I just can't wait until next Thursday for the dressing and mashed potatoes and cranberry sauce and... oh my, I'm getting a little heated. I'd better cool down and stop thinking about food.

I guess I kind of miss nursing around this time of year - last year I could eat all I wanted, but I didn't have time. Now I have time to eat (well, some, anyway) but I really shouldn't be stuffing myself!!! (Especially now that I can finally get back into one of my favorite pairs of jeans - Lane Bryant, thank you for stretch denim!)

Feeling good, feeling positive, hoping to help out some folks today.

peace and love.


Sam said...

hey monkie. thank you soooooo much for the goodies. man, that damn naked juice is GOOD. still not up for too much solids yet. tried some last night and managed, but i was REAL hungry and managed to keep some of it down. appetite is for shite again today, though. i only seem to actually get hungry around 7 pm.
tonight though, mmmmmmmMisooooo! :) i may even do it up propa', with some tofu (i need protein, fo sheezy) and seaweed and dried shrooms and rice noodles, all of which i HAVE. i just didn't have no MISO! thank you ever so much.
'still feeling pretty wrung out, but definitely on the mend. yay, on the mend - for YOU too.

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