Monday, January 29, 2007

heavy work, light blog

So can you believe I actually spend last Thursday and Friday deep in the trenches of document control and corrective actions? Wow. What a pain in the ass. By the time I got home Friday I had the makings of a fantastic headache from eye strain. I’m continually grateful for the wonders of modern pharmaceutical technology.

Still practicing daily. Evening practices Friday and Sunday, book-ending a kick-ass two hour practice on Saturday morning. Hip flexors are still sore. Sunday was a nice thirty minutes on the mat. Sun saluations sprinkled with some interesting variations, legs up the wall, nothing too strenuous but not exactly low-energy either.

Duck and I slept for three hours yesterday afternoon. I don’t think she was feeling very well, and she looked like crap this morning – as much as a gorgeous three-year old can, anyway. No energy, not even enough to whine – highly unusual for her. Some tummy issues (I won’t go into details) and constant complaining about her belly yesterday.

I made an Executive Suggestion. In between Duckie’s likely illness and the negative wind chill this morning, I thought it would be a good idea if she and Brian stayed home. See, I know that cold doesn’t get you sick, but I also know that an immune system can be lowered when a body is trying to keep itself warm for long periods of time. (This is one of the main reasons I don’t run in the wintertime. Oh, and I’m a total wimp. I hate that sharp pain in the chest when you suck in that cold air. It makes me hostile. Just not worth it.)

If we’d taken her to school, there was a good chance I’d get a call sometime this morning to come pick her up. I’d have to take more vacation time (10 hours already this year.) This way, they’re both warm and happy at home, and Duckie doesn’t spread whatever intestinal illness is troubling her. The Right Thing To Do. Somehow I don’t think Brian minded so much. He’s the one who would have to be outside all day in this bitter cold.

So, OK, three more days of NaYoPracMo. It’s not like I’m jonesing for January to be over. I think I might actually make it a goal for the next month, too. You know, just to see.

West Asheville Yoga is offering a free yoga day in a couple of weeks. One of the mini-classes is a half-hour intro to ashtanga. The regular class is an evening during the week, which would kind of be a pain in the ass to schedule. So I’d like to go to this one to see if I like the teacher first. Granted, a half an hour ain’t a lot, but there’s a short anusara class afterwards, so it’ll still be worth the trip.

Anyway. I think I might try to get some more work done today. I seem to be on a roll.

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