Thursday, January 18, 2007

Day care lament

Yoga update first:

Daily practice is lovely. Yogamum pointed out that we’re halfway through. I read somewhere that it takes at least 21 days to establish a new habit, so maybe 31 days of yoga, in one form or another, will help set that into my daily schedule.

Practice yesterday was stiff at first but loosened up nicely. Marked improvement in upper body strength, probably because I chose not to jump back into plank, which seems to be harder on the arms (not to mention the joints.) So I suppose it kept a little in the tank for slowly lowering down and rolling into updog without touching anything to the ground. Just about every time.

I kept my head down when I lunged forward so I actually saw where my feet were going instead of doing it by feel. It improved my confidence in the standing poses immensely, and it meant I didn’t worry about alignment so much when I came up into warrior ii. Just keeping a visual awareness made all the difference.

Balance was totally there. I had to stop myself from getting all uppity lest I lose focus and fall over.

I skipped the last pose in the standing sequence and used the time to get deeper into that lovely pigeon hip stretch. Knees were almost getting pissy about it, so I pulled back a little.

Bow pose great.

So I ended up sore, even afterwards, but at least my back is starting to release a little. I did some gentle stuff on the bolster to help keep the hips open, and a hot hot bath last night with some Batherapy mineral salt in the water really helped.

On a side note, does anyone know why that stuff works? You know, like Epsom salts are also supposed to relieve muscle pain and tension, but I have no idea why it would work.

Left knee is grumbling. I don’t want to take ibuprofen because I think if I do, I’ll stop being aware of it and strain it further. The wet weather doesn’t help.

Duckie’s school is pissing us off – the teachers are great, and they love her, but they’re closing early on Friday afternoon to have a staff meeting and they didn’t notify us until yesterday. Two days is not enough notice. I believe I actually reached the point of “sputtering mad” when I was on the phone with the school director yesterday.

This morning there was some precipitation. Sleet when we left the house, turned to rain, no big deal. Itty bitty slick spots over bridges. No problems getting to school.

They were in the gym, and Miss B told me when we came in at 7:45 that they weren’t opening until 8. (Delayed opening.)

This was not on the news. This was not on the Internet. Apparently they made the decision to delay opening roughly around 7 AM.

I dropped her off anyway. There were two other kids there, one of whom was her best friend D, and what the hell were we supposed to do for 15 minutes? Wait outside? Be late for work? Get myself in another attendance mess? Miss B understood that – she was being put in a terribly uncomfortable situation herself, and didn’t like it one bit.

I was fuming.

So I’m taking Duckie's best friend D tomorrow with Duckie and we’ll run some errands, maybe bake some cookies, let them play together while I get packed for Charlotte. Duckie will be pleased. D will likely be violent – he’s been bashing her over the head with various toys lately and we can’t quite figure out why. Anyway, it doesn’t fly at school and it ain’t gonna fly at my house, as much as I adore him. I foresee a lot of time-outs in our very near future.

Things seem to be stabilizing a little. Especially since I discovered these little dark chocolate sticks tucked away in the cupboard after Dad and Judy’s visit. Rademaker’s. Perfect. Little bits of chocolate, just enough to tame the Bitch Beast, and fairly low in calories to boot. I’m gonna have to find out where she got them.

Weight is somehow stable. The goal for the holidays was just to not gain – and I managed that. I think I’ll stick with that until it starts to warm up again. I can’t see a lot of weight loss happening until my body starts to believe it’s spring and can shed the winter pounds.

Enough bitching for today. Anyone wanna bitch, join in – misery loves company!


Kiki said...

::raises hand::

Ooh, I'll bitch, I'll bitch! I'm on about day four of a respiratory illness that falls somewhere between terrible cold and moderate flu. I *never* get sick (last cold was in 1998) and so I'm in just a horrible mood.

About the yoga -- I am so impressed with your commitment. Probably told you before, but I tried yoga and found it very un-Kiki (I'm more the free weights type). What surprised me was how much the yoga bothered my joints, as I naturally have a fairly strong and flexible body. Any clues? Maybe it was the type of yoga (strength something; I gave the tape away).

Anyway, you're not alone, Andi. Hang in there; the week is almost over!

andi said...

kiki, it sucks that you're sick - i hope you get to feeling better soon - i mean, hell, 1998? seriously? dayamn, that's a pretty kickin' immune system.

i do remember you preferring free weights. i think of yoga sometimes as using your body as free weights. which is kinda nice - if a yogini such as myself has a sizeable ass, it takes that much more strength to lift it off the floor, right?

anyway. i don't know why it would annoy your joints. my knees get upset with me sometimes, but i did that to myself through running, so i don't blame the yoga.

i remember your flexibility. as a matter of fact it occurred to me this morning when i couldn't get lotion at the spot right in the middle of my back. "kiki could reach this," i muttered. "why can't i, damn it?"