Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Out Of My Space, Please


More construction in the lab today. Sometimes loud, sometimes not so much. The ubiquitous ladders are making me jumpy.

Changed my mind on the couverture. Will use it for the shortbread and be done with it. I’ll change up the sugar cookies, though. JOC has a 14-in-1 recipe that ought to give me some ideas. I’d love to use some kind of citrus, maybe an orange brown sugar spice kinda cutout? At least it would be something different.

Yoga didn’t happen yesterday. I would have snapped something in my neck. Heat generously applied helps a lot, though, as does just letting it rest and putting the right kind of support under my neck when I sleep.

Duckie fell out of the bed again early early this morning. They’re gonna call DSS at the day care. And I hate to tell them “She ran into a door.” It’s such an awful cliché – except in this case it also happens to be true. I was taking her back to her own bed and she walked slam into the bathroom door – bonking the same place she’d just hit on the dresser. She was giggling by the time I got her back into bed, though. Scared the crap out of her daddy.

It’s time to really work the transition back to her own bed - which means I have to wake up enough to put her back in her bed when she sneaks into ours.

And I’m not buying any more frigging nighttime diapers. Enough of that. I’d rather do the laundry.

I’m committing to a relatively short practice this afternoon. Looking forward to getting the back and shoulder muscles loose and warm. Yummy.

In happier news, I’ve just started a promising book – Queen of Fashion: What Marie Antoinette Wore To The Revolution, by Caroline Weber. I had attempted a few pages of the Fraser biography about a year ago and was sadly unable to keep my eyes open without the aid of toothpicks. This one seems to give a perspective on history that I can appreciate. I do so like pretty things, even if I can’t wear them myself ;)



Kiki said...

There's a good article about Weber's book at Slate, if you're interested.


andi said...

Kiki -

Yeah, that's what got me there in the first place! Slate has been a great source for books already. I saw reviews for Jose Saragamo's Blindness there, as well as Ishiguro's Never Let Me Go, both great books, if hard to read at times because of the subject matter.