Monday, November 20, 2006

i can't even think of a title today.

Truly, it sucks to start off the week this freaking tired. I’m wigged out from a huge cup of coffee this morning but not-quite-here at the same time.

But truly, it’s a blessing to not buy night-time diapers anymore!!!!!

It’s worth it. Even though I have to get up every couple of hours to wake Duckie up and plop her on the john, she’s only had one accident over the last three or four nights. Said accident was last night.

I had finally quieted my brain down enough to fall into a light sleep at 10 or so, when Brian came to bed. I got up at 11 to pay a visit to the bathroom myself, but just couldn’t manage to check on her, for fear of being pulled into the bed myself. I don’t know what I was thinking. I went in at two and patted her, thinking, well, maybe she’s just sweaty.

Er… no. Wake her up, strip her down, plop her on the potty. Now she’s furious, disappointed, kinda scared, and really cold to boot. Poor thing. All I could do for a minute or so was wrap her in a fluffy towel and rub her down to get her warm. It’s a good thing she trusts me.

Stripped the bed, put the clean set of sheets on (waiting in the wings on top of the dresser.) Started the wash with the peed-upon sheets. At two in the morning, immensely grateful for washer and dryer.

“Mommy, I’m scared!” from the other end of the house.

“I’ll be there in just a second, sweetie.” Amazingly calm for being half asleep – then again, maybe that’s why I was amazingly calm – that and the double-dose of Lexapro (ovulation again – wasn’t that like a week ago?)

Up again at 4 to turn off the alarm. Early morning practice was not an option. An hour this afternoon will have to suffice.

So you know I really think getting up every two hours is preferable to this morning’s drama. And hell, I’m used to broken sleep at this point. In between pregnancy and early motherhood, it’s been like that for almost four years now.

Here’s the promised picture from Halloween. Lousy quality, but that’s what you get for those damnable disposable cameras. Funny, she looks more like a spacegirl than a mermaid.

School pictures for sale today.


Made an effort to get to class Saturday morning (new teacher.) Wasn’t in the stars. I was so upset just by the effort that I would have been a wreck anyway. So I vacuumed the bedroom and practiced there for about two hours. It really is true – all you need is a few square feet of space and a mat.

It wasn’t a bad practice at all. It didn’t even occur to me to start the lunge sequence with my back knee to the floor, which surprised me. And because I didn’t have a lot of room, I had to keep my arms closer during the one-step balancing, which resulting in an actual balance, instead of a wobbly prelude to falling down. Kinda nice.

I’m still having neck stiffness. I noticed it especially during the jump-back from forward bend to plank. The jump was smooth but there was evidently some tension. I decided that trying to look up during the cobras and other backbend type thingies was really overrated and I’d do better to not blow out my neck. Worked like a charm. Imagine that.

Afterwards it occurred to me that
since I didn’t go to class, I had $14 at my disposal. So I get a present today – a new class download from the Kest store. It’ll be nice to take with me to the grandparents’ house this weekend.

It’s cold here, finally. A little snow flurry this morning. I dread the lake. It won’t happen this week anyway – too much going on in the evening and I’d rather be vinyasa-ing. (New bumper stickers? I’d rather be flowing… we still flow…)

Must start packing tonight. Tomorrow a ladies’ night with three friends I haven’t seen in the same room together for years. I won’t be able to stay terribly late. Starting off the week this bleary-eyed is not conducive to good conversation after ten o’clock. I mean, there’s always coffee, but still.


SB Gypsy said...

What a cute pic of Duckie!

I had the worst time trying to get my son over the night time potty hump. At first I would manage to get him on the pot, half asleep and not happy. I'd turn on the cold faucet and put his little hand in the stream. Finally it got so he would hear me in his sleep, getting up to take him to the bathroom, and by the time I got there, it was a done deal.

So, I tried the juice trick. The point of the exercise is to stretch out the child's bladder. The principle is that diluted urine doesn't make you need to pee as much as the concentrated variety.

All weekend I would make sure he drank juice. When he was finished with one juice cup, I handed him another. After about two or three weekends of this, he began to sleep ALL NIGHT, without wetting and without waking up. He was 3. *Whew*

andi said...

SB, I sure hope she doesn't start peeing in the bed when she hears me coming. That Would Suck.

Last night I stumbled out of bed around 11 for a trip to the bathroom. She was not happy, but it was the only time I took her all night. That was after drinking very little in the evening, though.

OK so this juice thing - you use juice for a while then you can switch back to the diluted stuff? 'cause really, i can't imagine duckie on that much sugar for very long.

"James" said...

She's a cutie.

SB Gypsy said...

If she's used to diluted and will willingly drink it, so much the better! Anything that will fill the bladder will do. (water's best) You just have to keep her full all weekend. Because dilute pee doesn't trip the "gotta go" alarm as soon as concentrated pee, if a small child drinks alot their bladder will naturally stretch, and they will be able to make it thru the night. Ya do it on the weekend so that you can be there to help her make it to the bathroom all the time.