Friday, November 10, 2006

fly on the wall


i breathe a huge sigh of relief this week as it winds down to friday afternoon. i'm pretty wiped. ran monday, practiced tuesday, wednesday, thursday, ran again yesterday afternoon (yeah i know, a double-whammy, but it was a gorgeous day) and managed a short "restorative" practice this morning. that means i did enough to work out the soreness from the last two days.

duckie will want her dose of movie-time tonight, but i'm afraid i'm going to have to usurp the television for an hour so i can catch the rerun of the daily show and colbert report. one of my friends said it's piss-your-pants funny - so although she won't get it, i'll have a laugh - or several.

tomorrow morning we're taking a parent-kid yoga class together in asheville. we're both looking forward to it. it's an iyengar studio, so she probably won't be able to show off her vinyasa - although i guess we could get there a little early and warm up. ;)

spoke to dad yesterday and confessed that i was, for the first time in my life, truly and honestly proud to be an American. we've got a lot of shit to do - a lot of wrongs to right if we possibly can. but at least we're at a starting point.

i'm hearing grousing from another friend of mine that nothing will change. nothing will get done over the next two years, and the two parties won't ever be able to work together until there's a democratic president. but i'm hoping that the little lunch that bush and pelosi had on wednesday went something like this:

gwb: Hey there, Nancy, you're looking swell.
np: Don't touch me, George. I'm not the Chancellor of Germany, I don't need a massage at the moment, and I'll sue you for sexual harrassment in half a heartbeat.
gwb: Now wait just a second, Nancy, don't get your pantyhose in a wad--
np: Come January, you will address me as Madam Speaker. You'd better get used to it.
gwb: (rolls eyes) Let's be realistic, Nancy. Your Democratic Congress can do whatever it wants to in the Senate and the House of Representatives, but there's no way you're going to push that federally-funded-stem-cell-research-environmentally-conscious-ethical-lobbying-gay-rights-abortion-legality-peacemongering shit through the White House. It'd be a slap in the face to the folks who elected me President!
np: You mean the same people who just voted out your cronies and enablers?
gwb: Er... yeah.
np: Look, George. You wanna be realistic, fine. Let's dance. We're happy to cooperate on some issues as long as they don't contradict what we promised our voters. We can't go back on our promises just yet. And right now, we don't have to. You see, George... (sips coffee) just because I've said impeachment is off the table (sips again) doesn't mean it actually is. John Conyers is still out to nail your ear to the rostrum. And my good friend Cindy Sheehan never did get that personal meeting she asked you for so nicely a while back.
gwb: You have gone plumb off your rocker if you think you can threaten me, bitch.
np: I suggest you remain calm, George, unless you want me to call Condi in here to spank you.
gwb: *chokes*
np: We all know there's a reason you wore a yellow tie today, you chickenshit. Now buck up and get with the program. You don't practice willful obstruction and we won't move to impeach you. Yet. Although it would just about make my decade to put Rummy on trial for war crimes, it's more important right now to fix this murderous fiasco you call a war and try to rescue that godforsaken battleground. Bad enough we let it happen in the first place. Anyway. This meeting is over. Smile for the cameras, George. And don't you dare look at my ass on the way out.



Yogamum said...

God, I WISH Madam Speaker would talk like that.

Also: wow on the yoga and running this week! Rock on!!!

james said...

I couldn't be happier that Pelosi is Speaker of the House.

SB Gypsy said...

... and I can't wait until we can tell him, "don't let the door hit you in the bum on the way out dearie"

In actuallity, Pelosi can promise all she wants, but the PEOPLE reserve the right of impeachment, and if we ever get enough signatures on the impeachment website, Pelosi won't be able stop it!

We need impeachment, he needs impeachment, just so noone will be tempted to do what he's done ever again. He must be humiliated, demonized, and must go down in history as the most power-grabbing, venal and infamously evil prez ever.

Siospins said...

Sadly, he's probably not smart enough to understand half of what she said without the Man in the Yellow Hat there to interpret - but it is ALL to easy to envision! I'll happily buy Condi a paddle.