Friday, October 13, 2006

Hardly Worth Posting, but still...

***** least it's not the political discussion Brian and I had on the way into work this morning. Which was, happily, not a throw-down. I never got annoyed, even though we talked about the First Amendment, country music, Iraq, Afganistan, ancient Rome, economics, and what's happened to his political party. We covered a lot in twenty minutes.

I’m sorely lacking in personal space at home these days. Our house – have I mentioned? – is on the small side, although certainly it beats the single-wides across the road. Our immediate neighbors have three boys plus the parents. The trailer on the other side has five kids and both parents. I think I’d be working two jobs just to get the hell out of the house.

I’ve noticed I can deal with stress and fatigue much better when there’s some physical breathing room, and there hasn’t been much these days. Even the looming pile of laundry has a presence of its own. (Not yet stinky, because Brian’s socks aren’t in there, but I’m sure it’s only a matter of time.)

Didn’t practice this morning. I did manage to get out of bed for long enough to turn off the alarm. F--- this, I thought. This will not be Energizing. I’ll run this afternoon instead. I’m looking forward to it, actually. It’s not crowded, I’ll be there by myself for a precious hour, and it might help balance out the fried chicken we had last night. Moderation is so hard when you’re already ravenous. I really need to work on that – some kind of decent snack in the afternoons – maybe go back to the apples. God knows I’ve got enough of them.

Make pies. Do laundry. De-clutter. (Duckie’s grandmother is coming in on Thursday to stay with her so we can go to LEAF by ourselves this year.) Mop the kitchen floor. Er… haven’t I had that on the list for six or seven months now?

Yoga for me. Trampoline for Duck. Granddad’s Apples down the road, for fall pictures with her beffrend Dylan. Feed the ducks at the lake. Oh God please let me get a nap in somewhere.

But tonight I’ll be happy with just sorting the Pile of Pestilence and throwing in a load before bed. Pizza night. Howl’s Moving Castle. Snuggles. Hopefully Duckie will want to curl up and relax instead of getting baby A all riled up. Hopefully she’ll let me sleep until 7 tomorrow morning. I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

Hope your weekend is good, in whatever way you need it most.


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SB Gypsy said...

For a friday the 13th, that's a pretty hectic schedule. Goodness, I think time is the most precious thing, the older you get. Remember the endless childhood summer days? Gosh, to have one of those golden dappled days back, to savor instead of flying through.