Wednesday, October 11, 2006

happy birthday heather!


I went to my friend Heather’s house last night to help celebrate her birthday appropriately.

You know those Mike’s hard cider drinks? They’ve got one that’s berry-flavored. I’m still burping it occasionally. Not fun.

The Chinese buffet was nice. Sushi was OK, but they had these scrumptious cheese doughnut thingies that were just outrageous. I think the overeating had a worse effect on me than the alcohol. At any rate, I won’t be doing this again anytime soon. It’s a good thing her birthday only comes once a year.

I don’t look nearly as crappy as I feel. Which is a sop to my vanity, but on the other hand looking all chipper means people (i.e., my chatty co-worker) still treat me as if I give a shit. Today, I officially don’t.

We watched V for Vendetta last night. I can’t imagine anyone I’d rather watch it with than Heather. She said some folks were of the opinion that it was outdated (since the graphic novels were originally written in the late 80s.) I can’t see this. Maybe folks haven’t been paying attention.

Anyway, it was great. I highly recommend it. I was leery about the whole mask thing, but somehow Hugo Weaving pulled off a brilliant performance behind it. I’d love to see him nominated for an Oscar. Doubt it will happen, but nonetheless…

Pamela and baby A. coming into town tonight. They’re lovely guests. P seems to understand the piles of unfolded laundry. Thank God.

Needless to say, no yoga this morning. Trip to Duckie’s doctor after work for a look at a minor but persistent rash on her leg, so no afternoon walk. Probably for the best.


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