Tuesday, September 12, 2006

five years later

i worked on a post yesterday for some time.

in the end it’s pretty simple.

i was stunned and stupefied by the violence of that day. i was heartbroken for the survivors. i still am.

now there is another element; a howling, furious, decidedly non-peaceful sense of betrayal, that such a loss has been used to justify and enable yet more suffering.

i’m sure a lot more needs to be said, but that’s all i can manage for now.


BadBri said...

I agree. Dick should have already withdrawn everyone and dropped the big one. Then Haliburton would have room to build some new condos for the oil tycoons

andi said...

that's a laugh. kind of a scary scenario, though. would the UN security council lie down and take it, do you think? what options would they have? is the US such a huge power that an action like that would go unpunished? i mean, we seem to be eradicating Iraqis pretty quickly, and either way, Halliburton wins.