Thursday, August 10, 2006

a world away; right next door


China is being hit with a Category 4 typhoon. (Typhoons are hurricanes in the Pacific instead of the Atlantic. Same shit, different ocean. But you knew that already.)

You might remember that Katrina was a cat 3 when she hit the Gulf Coast.

Given the rather secretive nature of the Chinese government, we will probably never know what’s going on in Wenzhu and Xaipu as Typhoon Saomai hits the coast. However, the system has the potential for 150 mph winds and a storm surge of 24 feet. (Katrina’s winds were clocked at around 145 mph, and some locations reported storm surges of 28-30 feet. In case you were needing a frame of reference.)

These people are a world away.

It’s difficult today to hold all these people in my heart – Lebanese, Israelis, Iraqis, Americans, Africans. Now the Chinese are taking a place on the stage of world disasters. Katrina is too fresh for us not to be able to empathize with these people, no matter how revolting we find their government’s policies. After all, even though our government is corrupt, malignant, and mendacious, the rest of the world didn’t stint from offering resources to us after Katrina.

If you have a small corner of your heart that’s not full of other refugees, please give it over to the Chinese for a while.

Seems like I’m doing an awful lot of praying for the world these days. Which is, granted, as it should be. I just wish the prayers weren’t tinged with quite so much rage and hysteria. I’ll have to work on that. There’s plenty of it already in the world without me adding to it.

Peace and fair winds to you.



SB Gypsy said...

Has the world always been such a crazy place, or have I just not been paying attention?

I hadn't heard about the Typhoon, hope there's not too many casualties. Wonder if Bushco will take any time out of his vacationing to spend a thought for them. He really does not have a good track record with Tsunamis and hurricanes.

James said...

Oh no but there's no such thing as global warming.