Monday, August 28, 2006

poses, pie and penance


Saturday, yoga class was exactly what I needed. I had planned to work on Bow pose anyway, and Cat gave us backbends and arm balances – although to be honest, the arm balance was “just for fun.” Which means there was no way in hell I was going to get my largish bottom balanced on one arm, legs out to the side. It’s called Side Crow, if you’re interested. I am, but in a distant sort of way, like, “Hey, that’s kinda cool. Check out that chick in the front giving it a shot. Naw, thanks, though. I think I’ll hang out with my twist instead.”

Challenging, yes. Legs worked hard – still feeling it this morning. At the end, after savasana and a short ending meditation, I really didn’t feel much like getting up. It’s not that I was too tired. I just didn’t want to risk leaving that blissful post-practice place behind. Quiet, calm, light, heavy at the same time.

But I suppose that’s the point of regular practice. To welcome that feeling every day, to invite that state of mindfulness and peace in every moment, not just in the sanctuary of the studio or the mat.


Local peaches are in. Since they’re fresh-picked, you don’t have the same problem with over-ripeness you sometimes get with South Carolina or Georgia peaches. You’re not pressured to do something with them before they start to rot. And again, there’s something lovely about knowing that you’re eating from trees no more than five miles from your house.

So although I really didn’t have to make a pie, I still wanted to, and did. (Cleared it with Brian first. SB, the problem is that he and I don’t share a sweet tooth. Awful, I know. But there it is.)

Experimented with a Pie crust and a Joy filling. The crust was a pain in the ass; I had to roll out the top and the bottom twice. I really don’t think I’m reading the recipe correctly. I don’t see how you can get that much fat (butter and shortening, that is) into so little flour. It turned out more like shortbread. Folks at work are my guinea pigs today. Good thing they’re not too picky.

(Just tried it – not so bad. As I suspected, the crust could use some work. The peaches were perfect, though.)

There’s a Brown Sugar and Peach Pie recipe I’d like to try – it’s a yeasted pie dough, a little heavier than you’d expect, kinda like pizza. We’re thinking we might go to Columbia to see Todd & Pamela and baby A. Might be a good opportunity to try it. Or not. We’ll see.

Last night Brian made fried pork chops – honest-to-God-southern-deep-fried-in oil-with-perfect-crispy-breading-style chops. I swear you could run a diner on his pork chops alone.

In between the pork chops, the pie, and other indulgences to which I will not admit in a such a public forum, I believe a nice long run is in order this afternoon – sadly, without music.

Penance, maybe? Yeah, I think so.

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