Thursday, August 03, 2006

i'm just sayin'

GWB and his genius Secretary of State insist that they won’t call for a cease-fire between Israel and Hezbollah until some kind of long-term deal can be reached.

Are they insane, do you think, or just evil?

Let’s say you’re a cop and you get a report of a neighborhood fight, you know, one neighbor is keying the other neighbor’s car, the other guy has poisoned his dog, and things are getting ugly, because they’re shooting at each other over the fence. Do you drive up and say, “Hey, folks? Let’s talk about this’ere problem y’all are having. Let’s, you know, come up with a reasonable solution that we can live with for the next few generations.”

If you care at all about doing your job, the first thing you do is disarm the combatants.

Then again, this doesn’t matter if you’re playing both sides against each other anyway - or if you honestly don't give a shit about solving the conflict. In which case it makes perfect sense to let them shoot it out.

Even if their kids are huddled under the kitchen table, praying for the gunfire to end. As long as they’re not your kids, it doesn’t really matter anyway.

In which case, stop pretending to be a policeman.

Oh, and many thanks to POP at Morning Martini, who seems to be on the same wavelength today. The comments to her post are interesting, too.

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SB Gypsy said...

annot look at their actions and come to any other conclusion than that they are evil.... very evil.