Thursday, February 16, 2006

my latest fling

tuesday afternoon i had an orgy of a most fulfilling kind.

no, not that kind of orgy.

i went to the library.



for almost an hour. *gush* i get excited just thinking about it.

what books did you get, andi? you might ask. and i will tell you, because that's the whole reason for this post in the frist place.

(frist place? omg what an awful typo. someone shoot me.)

first place, is what i meant to say.

the book i started with is called blindness by jose saramago. translated from portugese. even if i didn't know what it would eventually be about, i would have been terrified by the first ten pages. writing exquisite, spare, elegant, personal. people go blind, and you're in their heads when it happens. yeesh. not for the faint of heart.

in the pipeline are toni morrison's beloved (which i am actually dreading - another one of those books that will be that much harder to re-read as a mother) and helen prejean's dead man walking (before i see the movie again.)

last weekend duckie found the envelope to a gorgeous card from her birthday last september - given to her by our friend sam (of course.) she was fascinated by the mermaid on the card, so i had promised to find her a book about a mermaid. all i could find at the library was a cute storybook called nan and the sea monster - which is fine, actually. it's full of other sea creatures, too, so she loves it.

books that RB has passed along to me temporarily are a breath of snow and ashes by diana gabaldon (due for a re-read about now) and the lovely bones by alice sebold. RB said she bawled during the lovely bones, so i will have to read it in chunks, on rainy days.

back at the library i also found a DVD of sunset boulevard (the original, with gloria swanson and william holden), and from netflix, the red violin. i know that sunset boulevard is due back at the library, but i really want to see the red violin - it comes highly recommended by coz. so that will probably be my friday night pick tomorrow, if i can manage to stay awake after duck goes to sleep. we shall see.

i've had "you suck" by the yeasty girls going through my head for about two solid days now. past time to break out the cube.

more random notes later if the caffeine doesn't wear off. (i'm praying it will.)


oldwhitelady said...

You remind me that I haven't been to the library in ages. It's always a pleasant experience.

guile said...

the lovely bones is deliciously melancholic..