Friday, January 27, 2006

kiki is back - and spot-on, as usual

hey y'all. say welcome back to my mentor in snark, "kiki" - a nom de guerre bestowed on her by her just-talking nephew.

she chimed in again at the last post - which was lovely, as i'd lost track of her over the last few months. she noted that i tend to be a little hard on myself, which is... well, it's a gentle understatement - and i very much appreciate it, k.

lately my well of patience has started to run pretty dry. and as any mother of a two-year-old can probably testify, patience is one of those virtues you absolutely have to cultivate if you want your child to live to see their third birthday. there have been days over the last couple of weeks when i have had to shake my head in frustration and step aside for daddy to deal with her - because i simply had run out of the mental space i needed to formulate an appropriate response to my daughter's screams of "go 'way!" when i try to change her nappy at just the wrong moment.

so this weekend, as i mentioned before, i will go replenish the well with some adult time, some few hours without needing to be responsible for anyone but myself, some bar food, some evenings of more-or-less unbroken sleep. and i promise i'll try not to worry too much about when duckie's next ear infection will show up. (it's only a matter of time.)

thanks for the reminder, k. i'll try to stop beating myself up about beating myself up. ;) welcome to my world of circular logic. one might even think i was a republican. BWA HA HA HA!!!!

ok i know some of y'all who stop by are republicans and i'm just teasing!!!!


SB Gypsy said...

Hey Andi, know what you mean about republicans, I was trying to explain the hoo-hoo about Walmart to my republican brother yesterday - went thru all the stuff about how if the employees cannot afford health insurance, they end up in the emergency ward when they do get sick, then they cannot pay, and to keep the hospitals open, the taxpayers end up footing the bill.

He countered with: well then, will Walmart be required to buy them cars too, I mean, they need to get to work, and if Walmart doesn't buy them cars, they will have to take the bus, and you know the taxpayers subsidise the bus lines.....

Typical, if you can't win on merit, change the subject and inject a fantasy.

Anyway, enough rant, I love my brother, I just think his brain's been pickeled by all that Limbaugh.

Hope you have a very happily adult weekend, bartime is what I'm gettin' tonite, I'll think of you as I sip my whiskey.


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