Tuesday, November 29, 2005

transition update

duckie's better today. the ENT called in a scrip for an antibiotic and ear drops - we held off on the drops until this morning. she slept ok, just terribly congested despite the cold medicine. wish i could have spent the night in my own bed with brian, but it's SO hard to get up once you're cozy in another bed - especially when getting up requires a level of stealth a ninja would appreciate.

but no wails of pain - the usual protest about pants, which took a while to calm (her and me both), and some complaints about the diaper change and medicine. i can hardly blame her - it's nasty stuff, but once she knew there was no getting out of it, she took it like a champ.

she's back at school today. drop-off was suspiciously easy. i think she was happy to get back to her routine, too. she blew me a purple-marker kiss on my way out the door.

as far as my routine goes, we're getting there. i had the strange pleasure of cleaning the kitchen yesterday after dinner. so soothing to wipe down countertops and clear out the snack basket. transition from layoff to holiday back to the grind is proceeding, finally a little more comfortably.

more stuff to do today, figuring out christmas for folks on a very limited budget. there are going to be a lot of cookies made this year, i suspect. i have some other ideas for projects during the december layoff (which is thankfully before christmas and not afterwards). have to get those down on paper today sometime.

no whining needed today. whew.

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Stewart said...

"duckie's better today. the ENT called in a scrip for an antibiotic and ear drops"

Doctor Treebeard?