Thursday, November 10, 2005

a contribution to household wa

after reading this (and trying not to shoot cold congealed oatmeal out my nose) i have decided that i will try, every day, to print something off the internet and bring it home for the general edification and hilarity of the boys i am living with. make no mistake - they may be full grown, but they are, at heart, still boys. and they will LOVE this.

i would not suggest following this link (on eating silkworm pupas) if you have an even slightly sour stomach.

thank you, SB_Gypsy, for following this blog and providing updates to the forum. you are, without a doubt, an invaluable asset to my life!!!!!

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oldwhitelady said...

I thought it was a great link, too. I ended up putting the link in my bloggy goodness links. This way I can go over more often and enjoy. Wow!!! There was some interesting stuff in there. I read the one about the doggie bacon strips that he put on his sandwich to make a BLT. Oh, ick! :)