Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Paul Hackett for President

The first thing I did when I came in to work this morning was check the news. Paul Hackett lost the special election in Ohio last night. It was a horse race, as Shakespeare's Sister put it. (Check out the comments section of her post for a blow-by-blow live blog as election returns came in from each district.)

Folks are saying that it's pretty significant how close the results were given that the district was hugely Republican to begin with. I would love to be able to agree with driftglass and see it as the beginning of the end for the Republican monarchy, really I would. But...

unrelated sidenote: driftglass' post is also highly significant in that it references one of my very favorites movies of all time, The Lion in Winter. I haven't seen the newer version - this is the 1968 version with Peter O'Toole, Katherine Hepburn, Anthony Hopkins, and Timothy Dalton. I saw countless bits of it during my maternity leave, up at 4 in the morning nursing, and I remembered how much I loved the movie then. Plus the script is wicked, and my mother won a local community theater award for her performance as Katherine. Has a special place in my heart.

I will reinterate what one of the posters in SS's comments said. I hope to hell he doesn't go back to Iraq. He'd be sure to suffer a fatal accident. I hope he stays here and stays involved.

My reaction to the loss was not as severe as you might think. I only spent a few minutes crying in the bathroom, then I came in and wrote the previous post. It's helped restore some sanity. Better out than in, right?

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Chad said...

I don't think that the results are as close as they are being portrayed.

1. This was a special election which generally have lower turn-out. That will skew the results some. Especially since there was a heavy push in Democratic circles for fundraising and voter turnout.

2. The Republican party initially was not supporting Jean Schmidt, and she lost support from some Republican groups, specifically Club for Growth.

3. From what I have read in Hacketts local ads he never mentioned himself as a Democrat and ran two ads with himself and President Bush.

I think in a normal election it probably would have been a much wider margin.