Wednesday, June 15, 2005

what's wrong with this picture?!

um... er... i can feel the connections in my brain shorting out. do i even need to go into how strange this seems to me? i kinda thought the republican party stood for traditional "family values." does this mean it's ok to take money from a porn star as long as she does only heterosexual porn? if she ever does girl-on-girl, will they boot her out? are they going to try to "convert" her? is she still making movies?

i can't get the answers to these questions because all the websites about her are blocked from work. which might tell you something to begin with...

i am so freaking confused.


James said...

Yeah, a Republican porn star just seems so confusing. Funny comment about doing the hetero stuff only. Great point. Hell, I'm for it all!! Which is why I guess i'm a flaming liberal.

EB said...



Okay, if you ever wondered why I prefer ancient history to contemporary American culture- there's your answer.