Friday, April 08, 2005

careful what you ask for...

Now I’m in catch-up hell. That’s what I get for wanting to come back to work so badly. Isn’t that a universal (or Chinese) saying? Be careful what you ask for – you may end up back at work in a stinky smoke-filled room with people pushing all your arrogance and intolerance buttons in the first hour of work, burdened with your own mountain of stress and a computer that is suspiciously and infuriatingly SSSSSSSLLLLLLLOOOOOOOW.


Duckie’s better. I had the interesting but unenviable experience yesterday of having her vomit bile directly at my face (we were cuddling at the time), but at least it didn’t get on the couch. She’s managing to keep food down (fingers crossed, people!) so it was back to school today. She was as excited as I was at getting out of the house.


I finished Lamb last night at around 2 AM. As blasphemous as Moore is (which in my view is a selling point), he also has a keen appreciation for the ironies of many religious practices, and a genuine understanding and compassion for the kinds of moral and emotional dilemmas that Christ, as a human being, might have experienced. It certainly gave me a better appreciation of the life of Jesus than any of the Gospels ever have, or even Mel’s Passion of the Christ. Somehow humor is a better way into my heart than anything else right now. I did cry at the end, but I won’t spoil it for those of you who haven’t read it. I am looking forward to finding more of Moore’s work, but somehow I doubt I’ll have much luck hunting him up at the Hendersonville Public Library.

Haven’t had a chance to get back to Places yet. Too caught up in baby-vomit drama. Hope to remedy this over the weekend.


Kiki said...

at least "careful what you ask for" makes sense as a chinese (or whatever) saying...the last fortune cookie i got read, surreally, "you may live on the moon in next century." i don't know what's stranger -- the possibility of living on the moon or actually making it to the next century!

keep writing, girl. you're good.

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