Monday, February 07, 2005

On the lighter side...

OK, that sounds like a section out of "Reader's Digest" and I don't give a shit.

Oops. I guess I'm not "dulling my tongue" adequately (which I have been told, in various ways and means throughout my life, that I need to do). But what the hell, it's Monday, I made it into work on time, and despite all the lousy things happening in and around Henderson County I'm in a decent mood.

A good friend of mine is pretty sick - she has been for a while now from one problem or another. She starts to move past one illness and something else is right around the corner. I don't think she's actually felt well or pain-free for a long time, and I hate it for her. I had a dream last night that she didn't want to talk to me anymore - I think that's a pretty clear sign that I need to get back in touch with her.

A 22-year-old kid had a tamper tantrum in the plant last Thursday and ended up overturning a desk and threatening members of management. (Granted, this is something many of us think about doing - but we don't. He did. I guess once they tell you you're fired the normal limits of behavior don't seem to apply.) His stepfather (allegedly) shot and killed him the next day.

A friend of a brother of one of my friends died of leukemia last Thursday. He was 27 or 28, in good health, and had a lot going for him. My friend's brother is not taking it well - he had known him since high school or college. I imagine he must be feeling like I would if I lost one of my sisters from school.

More suicide bombs in Iraq - the latest one really struck home. Apparently the bomber convinced a group of Iraqi guards to come close to him, then detonated the bomb to kill as many of the guards as he could. Sick bastards, each and every one of them. As if life isn't fragile enough as it is - what the hell gives you the right to take other people with you? And don't say God does - because I just can't buy it.

You'd think that this litany of misery would have completely ruined my morning, but somehow it hasn't. I'm leaving at noon today to take Duckie to her pre-op visit with the ENT and along the way I've promised myself a shot at a Taco Bell indulgence that I've been craving for several weeks now (way to go, TB marketing!) Will report back later.

I also ran across a link this morning that had me literally rolling out of my chair with laughter, so I thought I would share it with those of you who are still keeping up. It's worth the time to go through all the cards, I promise.

And from Ursula, who has her own journal, I've stolen some other hilarious links that Lord of the Rings fans will find highly amusing. If you're reading this at work, I suggest you make sure you're by yourself when you open these links. And try to muffle the cackles, if you can.


Sam said...

maybe you dreamed that about me on the same night that i dreamed that we were at a gathering and you were sitting on chris' lap and being VERY friendly! (you are SO cute when you flirt, y'know?) :) no lie! i woke up mad at chris, which of course faded as soon as i realized it was all a dream, but how weird would it be if we dreamed those simultaneously?!?! weee-eee--
eee-OoOOoooo! :D

EB said...

O my. I read those f$%&ing Weight Watcher's cards and was literally crying I was laughing so hard. My poor dogs were freaking out and kept coming to put their noses on me to make sure I wasn't having a seizure. Thanks for the laugh!

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