Sunday, December 19, 2004

My Lovely Day

Fantastic day yesterday. Started off with a call from Husband waking me up to wish me a happy birthday. (No, it didn't start off with Duckie waking me up - but when she did finally wake up she had a big silly grin on her face.)

Cos was already in town - had come in Friday night and blessed me with the coolness of her presence (and two bottles of wine). Duckie was sweet and decided to sleep for a good long while, letting us have some precious adult hang-out time. Not to worry - we did manage to drink one of the bottles but unlike some other partiers that evening, we drank it over the course of four hours or so and didn't wake up hung over.

Spoke to my dad yesterday morning - he wished me a happy birthday and while he didn't exactly give me a dressing-down for my poor money management, it was clear the situation really upset him - the finances as well as the messed up unstable situation with Husband.

Husband showed up more or less on time (with a really lovely birthday card) to take over Duckie-care, Cos and I flew down 26 to meet Tammy for a viewing of Ocean's 12. Let me just say that all the critics who panned 12 (as well as Bridget Jones the Edge of Reason) because it wasn't as good as the original need to just get over themselves. Y'all, when it comes to movies, nothing is as good as the original. But you can still lean back, relax and enjoy the movie for what it is, not dis it for what it's not. Maybe I am standing up for sequel respect because everything changes, including people and movies, and it would be great if we could just acknowledge it and respect it instead of whining about how "It's not like it used to be."

Oops. Got off on a tangent.

Tammy had a goody-bag for me too, which included among other things a very warm Old Navy sweatshirt, a gorgeous watch, an outfit for Duckie, and a Venus divine razor and travel case. So we all enjoyed the lovely, er... scenery in Ocean's 12, then Cos and I went on to a fantastic lunch at Apollo Flame, which I haven't been to in several years. Better than I remembered.

We visited the Harris Teeter to pick up snacks and hard apple cider. We drove the Parkway to Fairview and Cos went home from there, then Buffy and Brett and I headed out to the Warren Haynes Christmas Jam. Great show - more sensory stimulation than I've had in a long time and to tel the truth it was a little overwhelming at times. But they have pretty good munchie food there (can't imagine why) and the music was really incredible at times.

We made it home safely and were all in bed by around 2:30 or 3.

I had six messages on my voice mail yesterday, and thanks to everyone for the lovely birthday wishes - and for reminding me to change my voicemail message. It was really nice to receive messages from people who aren't demanding money ;)

I missed Duckie more than I thought I would - and that's comforting in a way.

Snow has just started here. I'm hoping it won't be too much accumulation - the last thing I need is to have to learn how to drive the 4-wheel drive. But we'll manage.

Yesterday was actually a really nice and pretty meaningful day. There have been times over the last month or so when I wasn't sure I would make it this far. But here I am, and here we all are, and while there are still dark moments, I don't feel like I have to handle it all alone. I have great friends, a wonderful family, I still have my job, my therapist seems to understand me, and my daughter is ... well, she's just fantastic.

I should also brag on Heather for a minute - we went to see Bridget Jones the Edge of Reason on Wednesday night and Heather gifted me with one of her magnificent creations - a deep purple cotton/rayon shawl that she spun, dyed and crocheted herself. (I will try to post a picture at some point.) In between that shawl, the warm and classy scarf that another coworker got me, and the so-soft sweatshirt that Tammy got me, I can have a hug from a friend whenever I need one.

I just got a call from Husband. He said he asked Duckie if she wanted to go pick up mommy, and she promptly put her coat on to get ready to go. Wow. So I guess I'll be seeing them soon.

Thank you all for your happy birthday wishes. I'm so glad to have you in my life.


Sam said...

hello beautiful lillamama. i'm so sorry that i missed well-wishing you on your day, andi. i found out that one of my closest friends/family members on this end of the valley died on thursday night late, i had to work all day (10 hours) and go to the !@#$ office xmas party on friday, friday night/early sat. a.m. was spent trying to get what i could of my funeral arrangement made for the service at 10:00 (in which i also read a poem i wrote for our william) then i had to work the rest of the day saturday. oh - and !@#$ corbin is homeless and living in my WAY TOO !@#$ little house right now TOO... i am ready to kill ALL of them - 'cept maybe luna. i think she's down for that TOO.
thank GOD lisa called me at work on sat. p.m. and offered to come get me rummed up and watch some bohunks. WITH corbin there, no doubt. * sigh *. GRRR.
i think you sent me lisa's visit as a MUCH needed happy un-birthday prezzie to me, 'cause god KNOWS i needed some girl time by !@#$ 6pm. :(
i haven't forgotten you though... i have a little birthday/midwinter prezzie for you and for duck-duck.
plelase forgive me for being caught up in this mad life. you are on my mind at ALL times, no matter what. i'm glad you had a day you DESERVED!!!
-aunt sam

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