Thursday, November 25, 2004

In Case You're Wondering

Thanksgiving is almost over. I had a good session with the counselor yesterday and a great discussion with Dad & Judy this morning. Duckie, however, slept like crap last night and therefore so did I. At 1 in the morning I was at my wit's end trying to get her to sleep and I finally decided to return to the tried and true solution of sleep-deprived parents everywhere - the car. Once she was in the car she was asleep in five minutes.

And back up at five. I think I woke up Judy howling with frustration and exhaustion. She and Dad have done a great job trading the baby off today - more on that later. I did get a nap today but I'm still awfully tired and since Duckie's asleep I'm on my way there myself. Just wanted to check in with everyone and let y'all know that I have not been disowned and my doubts about their reaction were completely misplaced.

Counselor saw a different side of me yesterday and may have an alternate diagnosis. Might explain a few things. Gotta do some research on my own. More later... happy thanksgiving, y'all...


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